Monday, February 13, 2006

Want to Live Near Me?

The Chiquita Palms apartment where I live, 360 Chiquita Avenue, Mountain View, California, has a studio apartment available.

The pool is a great place to sit and relax beside. I love to listen to the hummingbirds in the trees, and the squirrels playing chase up and down the palms in the central court. I've lived here for more than a decade.

If you are interested in walking, you can easily reach downtown life or public transportation. The Chiquita Palms apartments are eminantly walkable to downtown Mountain View's Castro Street. It's a brisk but decent walk to the VTA Light Rail or Caltrain station in the morning. It would be a terrible drenching in the rain, but otherwise, it's good exercise. It's also walkable to El Camino Real, where you can take the 22 bus up the peninsula to Palo Alto's University Avenue for a stroll or to Stanford. You can also head southeast to Sunnyvale or downtown San Jose. It's also walkable in the other direction to Hobee's Restaurant at 2312 Central Expressway, just across the Caltrain tracks at Rengstorff Avenue, catty-corner to Rengstorff Park.

We're close to the Shoreline Amphitheatre and the Century Cinema 16. There's a lot of high-tech businesses in the area, and the city has very good live theatre at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

If you like to walk, ride bicycles, or otherwise get outdoors, this is a good, healthy town to do it in.

The Chiquita Palms apartments are a modest 12-unit place to live. They are not like the huge complexes. We have singletons (like me), couples and small families.

I'm looking forward to meet my new neighbors this year. Maybe it will be you? Never know!


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