Saturday, April 29, 2006

In a New York State of Mind

Oh, some days I miss the New York City weather. I especially miss the sound of the cicadas in the trees in the summer and the sound of the waves crashing on the sand in Rockaway Beach.

Celebrating NYC

In the great city summer when everyone sweats
Rocking in the lurching buses and noisy subway seats
When who's for the Yankees and who's for the Mets
Determines vox populi politics counting victory and defeats

Where Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel eternally sing epic urban duets
Covered by the Post, the News, the Times and the Village Voice
Joined by Duke Ellington in heaven and the Radio City Rockettes
Imagine John Lennon in Strawberry Fields? Say, "Amen! Rejoice!"

From the massive Metropolitan to Times Square and Broadway
From the Yonkers border to the Perth Amboy bridge
From the heat of the sidewalk in Brooklyn on an August day
From the heart of Queens where there's always ice cream in the fridge

That's the city that never sleeps and never dies
That's the city that I grew up in and I'll never leave behind
The lesson is clear no matter how much time flies
I'll always have New York in my heart and on my mind

Written extemporaneously when Tatiana Tejada reminded me of home, and while listening to Billy Joel's Piano Man.

23 March 2006

Since then I have gone and come back from New York. It was a great experience!

-Peter Corless.

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