Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Once and Future Green Knight

I am working today to get back up and running. I still have the domain name registered to me until 2010, but the old site is gone.

Part of my goal is to rebrand Green Knight. Rather than just be “Green Knight Publishing,” I am going to change it to Green Knight Enterprises. I even got a new bank account change to reflect that, and plan to go through with a new Fictitious Business Name filing for a Sole Proprietorship in 2009.

Green Knight Publishing was a great idea, but the reality of the marketplace hammered me. I cried quite a bit when it all fell apart. Tears of loss, yet also happy tears. I had done something I had always wanted to do. Even if it failed.

Since the market meltdown of 2001, when I departed from Cisco Systems, lost a fortune as the stock price tumbled, and then saw the 9/11 attacks, I have mourned the world that could-have-been. In another, better, kinder world, Green Knight Publishing went on to win awards, publishing games about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. We would have, by now, a staff of dozens of people, and would be involved in books, games, software, educational products, television shows and movies.

In another kinder, gentler world, I would have gotten married by now to a wonderful wife and had some kids.

Yet the past decade has been far crueller and less forgiving than I would have hoped. Some measures of success eluded me, and to be honest, I collapsed into the overpowering depression that followed the financial, professional, and personal shocks of 2001.

Each year since then has been part of a road to recovery. Today, the stone being laid upon a stone is the recuperation of In 2009, this domain will be put forth once more, with a rededicated mission for Arthurian entertainments, and engendering an evergreen sense of chivalry in the modern world.

My best season’s greetings to everyone!

-Peter Corless.
650-906-3134 (mobile)

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  1. Don't let the could-have-beens and the maybes get you down. You're a friend I value who I miss talking to. If the worth of a man is measured by how he treats his friends, all indicators point to you being among the greatest.

    We should really talk more.