Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Predictable!

In the news: Mathematical model to forecast divorce

A British mathematician, James D. Murray, observing couples for but 15 minutes together, has created a sort of "Voight-Kampff" test to determine whether a relationship is humanly natural and likely to live on for a long while, or, like artificial replicants, are doomed to suffer a shortened life.

How can he tell? How people deal with each other in casual conversation. Humor is part of it. Conflict management and resolution styles are also part of it. Our different relationship styles, when compared with our partner's, will determine whether we are good long-term matches for each other. You can read Dr. Murray's presentation to the University of Minnesota in November 2004 online.

Fascinating work. Something we might wish to reflect upon as we flirt, posit and compare notes on romance!



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