Monday, January 19, 2015

San Jose Civility Movement

There are a number of recent trends that I have been following that, to me, stem from some common underlying problems:

• Crimes, Criminal Violence and Gang Violence
• Domestic Abuse and Violence, including disturbing trends of Homicide or Homicide-Suicide
• Bullying and Harrassment
• Workplace Hostility and Violence
• Gender and Gender Identity Violence, including sexual abuse and rape
• Racial, Religious, Ethnic or National-origin based prejudice and violence
• Political differences, demonizing, and toxic environments of political discourse

While these all seem quite disparate in their causes, their solutions are common: basic, human civility. Dignity. Respect. Kindness. Consideration.

Even if we are different, each of us should respect each other as human beings. Even if we disagree, we should remain civil, courteous, and fair in our disagreements. The vehemence, polemic, and nastiness that is so commonplace degrades our society and denigrates our individual wellbeing.

The Solution is Civility

To that end, I created the Civility Movement, a national campaign to turn our country towards a better future. One where we can have more wholesome familial relationships. Healthier friendships, schools and workplaces. One where political differences should not destroy the unity of our community.

I would like to invite my neighbors from Branham-Kirk to join me, and would like to invite you to invite others you know who would be good additions to the group. I am especially interested in making contact with civic leaders, faith leaders, youth group leaders or teachers, and others who have personal commitment and vested stakes in the outcome of our city.

Personally, I would love to get volunteers who can commit some volunteer time and skills in social media, blogging and web design, etc.

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Please feel free to call me at 650-906-3134, or email me at

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