Monday, October 13, 2008

A Letter to the Cousteaus

I saw photographs of Philippe Cousteau, Jr. standing beside Roz Savage at a recent event for Ocean Champions.

It led me to read up about what Philippe has been doing in recent years. Which led me to the fate of Calypso, and Alexandra's quest to help see the ship restored.

It also made it clear that the Cousteau Society web site is down.

It was like another 9/11 to me. A silent world, having another disaster. A fierce fight, which led to the downfall of a monumental human achievement.

The World Trade Center was a symbol to me of human civilzation. As was the Concorde, that bird of the sky that flew over my High School in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Now retired. As is the Statue of Liberty which stood in New York harbor. Still there. France and the United States. Intertwined. The Oceans. The World. The Calypso is similarly a symbol of my life. Ever since before I was born. World Without Sun won the 1964 Academy Award, the same year as I was born. I was only almost 3 months old when it was released, 22 December 1964. I'd like to see the Cousteau family to settle their disputes, so that children around the world can dream again about the oceans. Like I did.

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