Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uncertainty of the Ocean

Roz "You cannot NOT know it once you know it" (Quote re ocean wisdom from rower Mick Bird, after several glasses of wine on Friday night). via Twitter - 3 Comments 11:49am — Roz’s Twitter, spotted from Facebook
This is a moment of singularity. "Eureka!" "Wow!" "Woah, dude!"

Once we know any thing, it alters and changes, as do all things. As does our memories and knowledge over time. Divide by Delta-t for change over time, factor in Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. We may claim to know things, past, present, or predicate future. Yet mystery remains.

Also we are mere humans. We forget. So very easily at times. Many people learn truths and then go back to bed. Only those who are 100% robotic will remember everything perfectly. Others will drift back to the dreaming. For them it never was, or never really mattered.

That is why the ocean always surprises. It is as it has been for billions of years. Yet it is never the same.

As Clio knows, history is a magical, miraculous thing. We may have a great knowledge of the present and the past. Yet certain events may come along to alter facts or profundity of the past. Perhaps that's the value of the "cannot NOT know it." Realizations. New data. Mm!

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