Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Good Heavens!

I just looked at the calendar, and realized how many months it has been since I've posted anything to my blogs. I've been busy over the summer, and am now employed full-time as a CAHSEE Specialist at a charter school in San Jose. It's good work!

Aside from that, I've shelved and delayed a lot of my plans for the Global Understanding Institute and Flowers in the Cracks. Partially due to some organizational disappointments. Also due to exhaustion in getting the new job!

Even so, I have plans to eventually get them going. So no worries with that. Life is nearing a new equilibrium, so I feel more comfortable coming up for air here.

I've been more active in Facebook than here recently. I believe I'll spend a bit of time going back over my Facebook posts and links and see what I can bring over here.

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