Friday, August 22, 2008

A New Day Dawns

Sun Rising over California, 7 April 2006 © Peter Corless

It is 5:45 AM. As the day dawns, I have accomplished a great deal, and look at a great deal yet to accomplish. Forgive me world, for I shall need to sleep. Yet there is one more thing to be done before sleep takes me. And yet another. Through this all, I am content. I feel a profound sense of purpose. I am on an adventure, as I was on this morning two years ago when I took this photograph.
I wrote the above this morning, just as I shot the video in the early morning hours. I get into a different sort of mindset past the midnight and towards the dawn.

We shall have to see where it leads. At least for this morning, at 8:30 AM, to the Saturn of Steven’s Creek dealership!

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