Friday, August 15, 2008

Shanachie Records

I love the collection of world music sold by Shanachie records. I have a bunch of their music. However, given the mess of my apartment, my music collection is all piled up and scattered around. I have more music than I can listen to, unless I hired a professional DJ like Dave Morey of KFOG to spin the hits every day.

Yet when I take a precious CD out of it's jewel case (an apt metaphor), and place it in my CD player, I am transported to distant lands and times. The world is better. Smaller. Kinder. Warmer. Nostalgic, yet futuristic. An alternate reality of where else I might be in the world. Or, then reflecting upon it, I imagine the people of those lands and cultures abroad, and I realize that I am happy that they are there. Living their lives. Listening to this sort of music.

There is a sort of resonance that is established. That “world harmony” we once sang about if we only we bought the world a coke. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world can be taught to sing... yet.

Actually KFOG has the Putumayo World Music Hour, which highlights the music of Putumayo World Music. Maybe Shanachie should call KFOG and try to get some of their records in the rotation too. That'd make me smile more!

God, I love living in the age of the Internet! A World Wide Web of music!

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