Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beth Orton — Comfort of Strangers

Plus Our New Orleans.

Today, Dave Morey and KFOG had another song for me. More than one, of course, but this one was most special for us all today. This is the one that moved me most. Conceived.

They are also playing a wonderful cover of the Pointer Sisters' Yes We Can. It's a version for a benefit for the Gulf Coast. KFOG is always incredible.

You can pre-order Beth Orton's CD and the Our New Orleans benefit album off the KFOG site. Good stuff! I just put in my pre-order for Beth Orton. She's worth it.

My sister went down to New Orleans to help out. She walked the walk and talked the talk and went to help out. Me? I am humbled. I am doing little more than buying a CD. Maybe that's why I am doing more walking these day. Playing catch up, you could say.

Put these on your shopping list:

Beth Orton ~ Comfort of Strangers [Limited Edition]

Pre-order CD - Est. Release Date 02/07/2006 - Price: $17.98

Various Artists ~ Our New Orleans: A Benefit Album for the Gulf Coast

New CD - Price: $14.98

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