Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dreaming is Free

Last night I slept heavy!

I have been doing a lot of walking lately, and so when I sleep, I have gone FLOOMPF! down on my bed.

I've been waking up earlier and more energetic, though.

I've been doing a lot of walking to downtown Mountain View. A lot more since the New Year than I had done in ages. I walked all over Manhattan while I was there. From 71st Street to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

I remember I used to do a lot of walking in New York City when I lived there. I stopped walking pretty much when I came to California in 1989. The car was facile, but it was also unhealthy.

In the past year, I lost ~33 pounds (245 —> 207). I'd like to get down another 10-15.

In my walks, I have been using my new Palm Treo, from Sprint PCS, to call my business associates. I have been using it as a camera to take pictures for my creative photo-poetry project. I've also been using it to take pictures of my friends — without using the nasty developing chemicals I can still smell in my nostrils and delayed development time.

In a way, my walks are my office. Outdoors in nature. In the quietude of a stroll, an idea comes up. I call my friends, my family, my business associates. We laugh. It is like they are strolling with me, and we're walking to the goal together.

It reminded me of the scenes near the end of Farenheit 451 where everyone is walking around speaking the memories of the books they are. Only we have ear buds and are chatting to a friend in another place in the world. It's not a fixed, perfected book, but it is the book of our collective works we are co-authoring. A collaborative novel played out in earbuds and strolls.

This seems to be the way of the future.

All I know is that since I started walking and talking more naturally, or supernaturally, I sleep deeply, have great dreams, and wake up far more refreshed.


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