Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Memory of Olivia Conlon

To all,

If anyone would like to donate to a cause to celebrate the memory of Olivia Conlon, please volunteer your time in service or donate to a religious, educational or cultural charity, elderly or health care group, or environmental organization. It might be your local place of worship, or a school (parochial or public), or after-school group. My own aunt was the long-time principal at St. Charles Parish, yet every school in the nation could use more assistance, and even moreso, many schools overseas. Perhaps choose a place caring for the elderly like the Irish EnergyAction. It could be for domestic natural beauty, like Environment California. Perhaps treat yourself to some Irish music while helping out St. Luke's Hospital, Dublin with the Cairde CD. As for an educational and cultural project that could use your funds, Wikipedia seeks to serve the world by sharing our collective human knowledge.

Best wishes for you and your family and friends,


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