Monday, January 23, 2006

We Can be Heroes

David Bowie KFOG is singing his anthem.
Though nothing will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
I had a great day yesterday on Sunday.

Speaking about drive them away, yesterday I got a ride down to St. Luke's, which launched a major change of my life. From there I went again to St. Timothy's for ETC. I got a ride back from Mary Blessing up to St. Timothy's and she dropped me off at the door. So I'd gently correct David and say we can drive "them" away by driving each other around a little more. Who'da thunk it? Carpooling.

You can chat. You can listen to the music. You can get to know each other.

Before, during and after that I had a great experience. I became a hero to a new friend. Although late again for the start of mass, the universe had its reasons for that. I got a lift to church and sung in the choir. Thanks, Kate! I counseled a young woman who is as talented as any movie star you've ever seen to go to Carnegie-Mellon and join Scotch and Soda so she can get both her psychology degree as well as express her inner dramatic talents. I got to be a squad leader for a team searching for "Where's Waldo?" I got to be a "coach" for a bunch of young men and women tossing basketballs at the rim. And then I came home and got my life a bit more straightened up and let someone crash at my place. All before sundown.

Win! Win! Win! Win! Win!

We can all be heroes. I pledged yesterday to renew my life-long commitment to Leadership, Friendship and Service, which I had taken in Alpha Phi Omega.

I also decided to roll my Hospitality passion on the character sheet of my life, and I made a Critical Success. I let a new friend crash at my place, with her two dogs. It's been a long time since I've had dogs in my life. Yesterday I let my lifelong commitments come home to roost, and I also let a few dogs in the front door.

My sofá es su sofá!

I love KFOG. They are playing an audio news clip about Elvis' death. The King of Rock and Roll is dead. But Pete Townsend sings in my mind in refrain, "Rock is dead. Long live rock!"

Now there's on to the 1977 hit "I Couldn't See The Light." Couldn't get it right. Couldn't get it right. I suppose that was the problem with a good few things with Cisco, Green Knight, and my own balance. I suppose you could say I see the light better now.

Now Steely Dan is singing "Peg." This is my big debut. It's like a dream come true.

"Touchdown Raiders!" "John Madden's grin is ear-to-ear!" "The Raiders are closing in on the Superbowl Championship!" I suppose somewhere there's a crowd cheering that there was a change yesterday.

Now K.C. and the Sunshine Band is rocking out. I'm Your Boogie Man. Doing what I can. Doing my own little boogie through life, I suppose.

Oh, KFOG! You really are plucking the heart strings! 10cc: The Things We Do for Love. Not only do we do things for romantic love, we do things for chaste love, for friendly love, for familial love, for universal human love. Yesterday for love, I let a stranger become a friend, and a friend become a house guest. It felt great.

The hits from 1977 are incredible. It brings me back to that time between Operation Sail in the summer of 1976 to the time just before the release of Star Wars. Just before I realized I was a young Jedi-in-training-for-life. Ah yes! And here it comes! The Star Wars Disco Theme! Lasers! The drum beat! Thoughts of R2D2. The Cantina. It was like Rick's Cafe of the mind. You could almost see Humphrey Bogart off in the corner. Just after Luke and Obi-Wan left with Han Solo, Ilsa walked in and took off her head scarf and gazed eye-to-eye with Rick Blaine. "Of all the gin joints in all the galaxy..."

Buzz-buzzzz! That's tune number 10! That will fire me up for the rest of the day.

If I heard correctly, Some Other Time, from I Robot, by the Alan Parsons Project won the set.
Like a mirror held before me
Large as the sky is wide
And the image is reflected
Back to the other side

Could it be that somebody else is
Looking into my mind

When you have a few blogs and a lot of people wondering how you're doing that might occur to you naturally. If you believe in God, you know there's already the Eye in the Sky, the Eye in the Pyramid, who has the best CCTV security system in the universe. I have a hat with the Eye of Heru upon it. I bought it at the Martin Luther King, Jr. event in San Francisco. I call it my "Super Visor" cap. Thinking with the third eye in mind. Gotta be good for grandma, you know. Show some hospitality for the glory of good King Arthur.

Even after 10 at 10, Trey Anastasio's song "Shine" blazes forth in audio rays of light and color straight to my skull. Annalisa's speaking about the Rock of Ages. Perfectamundo! The perfect world.
It might not be a perfect world yet, but it's looking better every day. So welcome, Kate, Meadow and MacKenzie. And thanks again, KFOG. To everyone tuning in — Rock is dead. Long live rock!

Rock on!


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