Friday, January 20, 2006

ETC at St. Timothy's

Tonight I went to St. Timothy's in Mountain View. There was youth program called "ETC." Episcopal Teen Community. There's a larger ETC organization across Santa Clara County.

It was a rather good experience to speak to the kids, play games with them, doe a few thoughtful exercises, and then speak with them to find out how creative they are.

One young woman wrote a psalm. A young man wrote his own rap and poetry. Another young woman was into art and writing, and published her own fan fiction. And a brilliant young man enjoyed reading the Bible though he was somewhat embarrassed to admit it. A few folks had come over in Carter's car from Santa Cruz. I began the story of the Green Knight. I'll have to catch up with part two another time. And a large contingent came up in Mary's van from St. Jude's in Cupertino.

The evening was filled with running around too. I am wearing a pair of glowing purple and orange bracelets. If you want to know what those were for, you can come next time and find out for yourself!

My thanks to the folks who gave me a root beer float. Yummy! Finally, my thanks to Katie who dropped me off afterwards.

Onwards to adventure!


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