Monday, January 09, 2006

The Death of Olivia Conlon

On Epiphany, the day of spiritual awakenings, I was given a literal wake-up call by my brother John.

My last surviving grandparent, Olivia Conlon, had passed away.

July 15th, 1909 - January 8th, 2006

She died at peace. Her heart just beat fainter and fainter.

I'll be away at her wake and funeral services. Her services are being held at Colonial Funeral Homes, Staten Island, NY.

Murphy, being an Irishman, already signed the guest book. It's got a bug. I let the funeral home know. I got a message in before it went awry.
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I'm getting ready now to scoot out of here.

My prayers and best wishes to you and all your friends and family.


  1. I'd like to thank the folks at Colonial Funeral Homes.

  2. The site is back up and running at this time. The people at Colonial did a good job working to a positive solution.