Monday, January 23, 2006

Holy Chocolate!

Mar Tome was founded by Father Stan M. Smith, of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church of the East to combine two great loves: a celebration of God and an enjoyment of His great gift, chocolate.

Many of us love chocolate like God loves us. Unconditionally. In all its forms, shapes, and creations. Much as God loves all life. Much as God will take us into His kingdom when our day comes, we take chocolate into us. We love chocolate's warm, nourishing richness much as God loves when we live a warm, nourishing rich life.

Mar Tome is from the Latin, literally "Sea Book," or "Sea Volumes." So as you sip your Holy Chocolate, consider the peace and calm of the sea. Consider curling up with a good book. Or even the Good Book. Just keep from spilling your Holy Chocolate on Deuteronomy.



  1. There are some who are allergic to chocolate

  2. Why yes, I suppose there are many who are allergic to chocolate. Tis a pity, is it not?

    I myself am allergic to nuts: hazel nuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, and so forth. Yet I take refuge in legumes. I am not allergic to peanuts, which many people are. They are not true nuts but legumes, since they grow in the ground as opposed to upon a tree.

    Many people point out that I am a great big nut. And I love my nutty friends. So I suppose it's just the sort of nut that grows on trees I have an issue with.

    I take solace in that.

  3. Ravenfaery would never live in a tree... and he takes solace in that. As for the legumes you mention... peanuts are legumes because they grow in the ground? Would the corollary be that since peas are legumes, they grow in the ground?