Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11, 2008: Episode 2: My Letter to Lloyd LaCuesta

Hello Lloyd,

It was a true honor and a privilege to hear your voice on the other side of the line and realize — you were talking personally to me! You are a Bay Area hero and a local legend.

Here's the basics:

Your Mission for 9/11, 2008

Tomorrow, I would like us all, as interested and concerned citizens of the world, to photograph and record the world as it is now.

Wherever you are.

Whatever you are doing.



Draw pictures.

Take photographs.

Take notes of the moment.

Celebrate the renewal of life.

Celebrate a new spirit of the day.

Cherish the moments and images.

Pray at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm.

Listen to the wind and the world around you.

Record your thoughts and feelings in words and images.

Consider how this day is different than the one seven years before.

Reinvent 9/11 as a day when the Flowers in the Cracks can be found.

Reinvent 9/11 as a day when we can engender Global Understanding.

- - - - - - -

The Day's Project: "Photos for Flowers in the Cracks"

Flowers in the Cracks / Global Understanding - Take Pictures on September 11, 2008

Starting before dawn, I will get up and start photographing. I've also contacted Franklin Pham, the photographer and filmmaker. Along with a few others, we're presently convening in Books, Inc., to talk about the plans for tomorrow. An email has gone to others tonight around the country.

The letter above was sent today to Flowers in the Cracks and Global Understanding movement members, and to some of my friends, family, the Mountain View Voice, the San Jose Mercury News, and, of course, up to President Bush and VP Dick Cheney. I'll be very interested to see who responds and takes action!


The entire purpose is to see how we can respond to "good news." It doesn't have the urgency or criticality of life-and-death as the 9/11 disaster. This 9/11 will be our life, captured in the moment. Can we rally to the same level of heroic contribution to our society? Can we turn the media's attention to how our lives have returned to normal? How flowers in the cracks have sprung back. How we have worked to heal the spirit of the country and the world. Where the cracks remain, and how some lives still struggle. Yet even those who struggle can smile if given a moment of reflection.

The purpose is to prove we can face terrorism, zealotry, polemics, sectarian misunderstandings and fear with nothing less than our good nature, our creativity, our good spirits, our prayers, our good humor, our enthusiasm to change the world, and our good graces. We can let the good news of the reality of today intrude on our busy, crowded American lives. We can also recognize and rise to the challenges we face on the days to come following this 9/11.

How to Get Involved

• Record your life tomorrow, 9/11 2008.
• Any Media: Photograph, Video, Audio, Draw, Paint, or Write Words
• Consider what has changed the most for you since 9/11 2001.
• Post your own photos on your own blogs or image sites (MySpace, MobileMe, Google, YouTube, etc.)
• Send an email to
• Mark your email: "Photos for Flowers, 9/11 2008"
• Write a letter of your thoughts, and/or send a Web link of your results.
• If interested in volunteering for Flowers in the Cracks or the Global Understanding movement, please include the word "Volunteer!" in the subject.
• Enjoy your Freedom of Expression as guaranteed by the United Nations 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Background & Additional Links

Flowers in the Cracks - blog
Global Understanding Institute - blog
Global Understanding Institute - Web site
Universal Declaration of Human Rights - United Nations

Thank you very much, Lloyd, for the call. Your voice on the other side of the phone alone made me walk on air. Tomorrow, if we get on the air, you'll see me flying to the sun!

Best wishes, Lloyd! Hope to talk to you more.

-Peter Corless.
650-906-3134 (mobile)

360 Chiquita Avenue #4
Mountain View, CA 94041
United States of America

7:31 PM: Update: Lloyd’s Reply!

Thanks Peter and good luck on the project
Lloyd LaCuesta
South Bay Bureau Chief
Sent via BlackBerry from Cingular Wireless

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