Saturday, September 13, 2008

Notes for 9/12, the Day After

Today I had quite a productive day, in non-traditional ways.

Worked on my historical epic motion picture project:

AD 1066: One Year in History You Will Never Forget

The story of the Year 1066. Many people may remember me talking about this around 1992-1994. I took a six week vacation to Europe in May-June 1994 to walk the battlefields of Stamford Bridge and Hastings, and visited Norway, England, and Normandie. I wanted to see it for myself. (I also took side trips to Wales and Ireland that year with my brother John.)

Later in the day, I helped a pair of folks who needed a good friend right now in their lives. Their stories are their own, so what happened specifically remains private. I shall say this: they both burst into tears. Tears they had needed to release, and had no one else to share them with. I was glad to help them both, yet it was clear that we needed to work together more, and just be good friends for now, to get past the crises facing them. God is putting challenges in front of me where the needs of someone else far outweigh my own desires in terms of urgency and heart-felt import.

I wish I could say these issues were “work related” as part of the Global Understanding Institute. In a way, they are. Yet these are very private, very personal issues, feelings and circumstances.

This evening, I went over to the house of long-time friends from Carnegie Mellon University. I keep wanting to spell it “Carnegie-Mellon,” but they expunged the hyphen long ago. We watched old 1997 episodes of the Al Yankovic show (produced by Dick Clark). Then we went up to YouTube to look at his music videos.

It is amazing genius to see how close Smells Like Nirvana was done compared to the original Smells Like Teen Spirit. I still laugh when he sings “blargle nawdle zouss...”

Our conversation over Al Yankovic then turned somewhat reflective when we spoke about Kurt Cobain’s suicide. That was April 1994. About the same time I was planning my trip to Europe for “1066.” While I was considering making an epic movie about the year that saw the death of so many thousands in a war to control the fate of the future, a brilliant, talented, yet physically and emotionally pained young man decided to take his own life.

Tonight I keep thinking about the Out of the Darkness walk on the 27th of September. I’ve raised only $200 so far. Please, if you read my blog, donate to this cause. I truly want to change the world with Flowers in the Cracks and the Global Understanding movement. To do so, I’ve had to open my own heart and my mind and my spirit in so many ways. I’m asking everyone around me to likewise open their hearts, minds and spirits to those who are suffering and in need.

Help turn even one soul from bleak hopelessness towards hopeful self-assurance, and from foul destructive darkness towards the restoring joy of light. Thank you.

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