Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy birthday to Connor!

I got a text page this morning. I have a new nephew. Happy birthday, Conor!

One day after my own 44th birthday. A miracle!

Apart from having any children of my own, that’s about a nice a gift as you can hope for. In fact, for some people this is preferable. I get a new family member without having to change the diapers!

Congrats and all my love to mom & dad. Hope you are both resting well and joyful. Blessings on you all, especially to Aedan, the other lil’ tyke! You’re now officially the “big boy.” Play nicely with baby.


p.s. My good regards to all the families out there, to all the single parents, to all those who care for the children, and all the parentless families especially. Special hellos to my African brothers Peter Kithene of Kenya and Peter Nyok of Sudan.

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