Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google AdWords Make No Sense

I keep looking at the Google AdWords that I am getting. Today, it is “Terrorism.” A lot of Terrorism links.

What is odd is that this misconstrues my intent. I wish not to make people think about “terrorism” so much as a sense of peace, security and normalcy.

Google, you are failing to catch my intent.

I sat in Red Rock Café the other night with a brilliant young gentleman from Google. I showed him precisely the sort of common misconstrual AdWords provides. The lack of specificity and the oddball nature of what it shows based not on what I was writing about presently, but based on prior writings.

There is much to be desired in the present state.

I also talked about some ideas on how to revolutionize the AdWords experience, which might require some partnerships with other well-known .com businesses.

For now, I leave as a challenge to my fellows at Google to make these AdWords more contextually appropriate for the point of what I am trying to get across.

Tonight I also sorted through a great number of photos I had stored in my phone. Getting them up onto my computer, and trying to sift through years of snapped shots without archiving them or uploading them.

I’ve uncovered some “forgotten treasures” of the past two years. Good stuff!


  1. Today, Google AdWords just “gave up.”

    It now just shows a blank entry box:

    “Show ads for... [Data Entry Field] [Return Button]”

    That’s practically pathetic if you actually have to type in what ads you are looking for yourself.


  2. Today shows "New Diplomacy." Mostly about computer games. That's getting better.

    However, today I wrote about Dick Bolles, Apple, and "What Color is Your Parachute."

    Perhaps it is true that Dick Bolles is a very good person at considering a new diplomacy for one's life and career, but that's almost a business metaphor compared to links to Avalon Hill's Diplomacy or other computerized diplomatic games.

    Context, context...