Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Tree Grows on Rengstorff

I spend more time marveling at what I've already found... what have you found? about life?
I found an olive tree that was declared dead in Rengstorff Park, in Mountain View, California. It was declared dead in June, 2008. The County Clerk gave the people of the community 30 days to "speak now or forever hold their peace."

In September of this year, I walked past that tree, and it was alive. Green twigs filled with olive leaves sprang up from the roots. Up the trunk. From five to fifteen feet, I could see green, green, green.

Dead tree? I found the sign fallen to the grass below my feet. Huhn. Looked alive to me.

A miracle had obviously occurred. I needed to tell someone this tree was alive again.

Perhaps it was only "mostly dead" like they said in "A Princess Bride." Miracle Max had obviously worked his charms. It had taken from June to September for the tree to bloom again.

"You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles."

This was a pretty good one, Max!

So I called the City of Mountain View, and eventually got ahold of Steve Kukar. An Arborealist for the city. I said there might be a problem with the upper canopy. Perhaps some problem with the xylem or phloem. He was amazed that I knew what xylem and phloem were. Sure, I paid attention in high school biology.

But he's the expert. He promised to check out the tree. See if it could be saved. Maybe it might still need to be taken down. It wasn't a healthy tree, for sure. A spindly little thing. A single trunk like a twisted lightning bolt of wood frozen in time. Yet maybe he will save it.

I wasn't even looking for it, but that was what I found. Walking in my world, as the Green Knight.

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