Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More thoughts...

The following is a post reply to this article on Softpedia: Two Fanatic World of Warcraft Gamers Have Died Because Of WoW. In particular, I was struck by Comment #10 in the replies, which I shall quote here, in its entirety, spelling and grammatical errors, logical and ethical flaws intact:
why care about a idiot that can't hold his mouth shut about a wow gamer that have dies. ofc its sad, and i don't even like wow. but i will not start saying that i'm glad he died. but i'll tell you all one thing.

wow, eq2, l2 and even Diablo1 and 2 have killed people. even counterstrike have. so, the fact that WOW kills isn't there. the fact that people get so inn to theyr "secound life" that they have to forget about RL to be the best online is around us.

try to understand.... people dies from everything, that MMO's takes 1 or 2 lifes each year is nothing compate to what um... lets say... compare to what bread do. or even water... water kills more people than anything else, coz water is in everything you eat. 99% of what you yea.

i'm sad that he died, but not to sad, coz we risk our life just living.
If you are an interested and concerned citizen of the world who would want to prevent the death of a family member, a friend, your loved one, your next-door neighbor, or yourself, you might care.

Otherwise, you are free to not care.

The truth is that there are people who are a) not interested, and b) don't care about the well-being of themselves or others, in particular as it regards the effect of MMORPGs on psyches and lives.

We can encourage them to be interested or care, yet they are free not to, so long as their specific disinterest and dispassion does not through neglect or act harm others.

Why do I care? Because I am a game designer. I wish to help make the world a little more fun and encouraging for others. If even one person playing is not having any fun, the game has ended for that person. Death is the extreme way to end a person's fun in the world. I'd like for everyone to consider what it is we are doing to ourselves and each other, so we minimize such breaches.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful commentary on these important issues Peter.

    Brad, aka ExGamer